Have you considered a simulation based workshop?

If so, we can assist you with everything from the initial planning to the final execution.

Your ideas will be discussed with one of our Project Managers. We will create a preliminary estimate and then you can decide if it makes sense to proceed.

Some of the workshops our clients have co-created with the SPP include but are not limited to:

Case development: working with SP Educators to test your case in order to ensure that it works in the intended educational environment.

Feedback training: involves teaching a feedback model with proven results

Video case field testing: if you have a case and want to ensure that it works before incurring the videotaping cost then book a field testing session with our SP Educators

Train the Trainer: Trainers learn skills necessary to successfully train SPs in many simulation environments.

Communication Skills Workshop: does your health care team or learners need an interactive communication practice session. We use existing templates or can help you create a new one based on your needs.

Training the Ethicist: our client came to us with an outline for a communication case and we developed a learning module together. Can we do the same for you?

Code White encounter: emotionally charged encounters are challenging at anytime, why not try a dry run before it really happens?

Conversation with the Coroner: an experienced Facilitator can help navigate challenging conversations through simulation with a Standardized family member(s). The new learner can practice without causing undue harm to vulnerable parties.

All scenarios are based on real life experiences with experts and health care providers to ensure a safe learning environment for all participants.