Performance-based Assessment

At the University of Toronto, performance-based assessments occur at all levels of training.

We are involved in:

  • End-of-year OSCEs for first year and second year medical students finishing their course called the Art and Science of Clinical Medicine
  • End-of clerkship OSCEs for Family Medicine, Surgery, Internal Medicine and Psychiatry (every six weeks)
  • Practical Assessment of fourth year pharmacy students
  • Training and final exam prep for the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine and Surgery

Our staff are able to provide training and administration of small and large exams alike. We also provide all necessary support staff and setup. At a large summative assessments for medical learners, we manage approximately 500 people, including: students, examiners, SPs and support staff.

The SPP can administer in-person as well as online assessments.