SPP will bring together a team to create an education video that meets your needs.
We have a roster of trained individuals to portray patients, learners or health care professionals.

How can we help you:

Do you need a short video clip or tigger tap?
Do you need a case field tested and videotaped?
Do you have to present at an international conference?
Will a video or short clip demonstrate an important aspect of your work?

Do you have an audience you wish to impress? Let us help you with this and more:

We offer a broad range of services:

  • Assessor training
  • Demonstrations
  • Faculty Development
  • Field testing
  • Interactive learning
  • On-line/distance education
  • Presentations at conferences
  • Patient Education
  • Preceptor training
  • Training for trainers and SPs
  • Trigger tapes for workshops

Please contact Jo O'Reilly at 416-946-7631 for an estimate