Who we are 

The Standardized Patient Program at the University of Toronto has been in the forefront of progressive, innovative health care education for over 25 years. Our collaborative teams design and deliver a range of health educational curriculum, including evaluations, and disseminate scholarship related to live simulation methodologies through workshops, presentations and peer reviewed publications.

Why Standardized Patients?

The first standardized patient (SP) was conceived by a neurologist Dr. Howard Barrows in the 1960’s. He found that the real patients available for teaching and examination were not providing consistent and valuable experiences for his medical students and were often too sick to practice on. The first Canadian program was established at the McMaster University. Soon after, the Standardized Patient Program began at the University of Toronto.

More than just Medical Teaching

As research continues to validate the use of standardized patients the scope of our program increases. New applications and opportunities are emerging in areas other than medical teaching and assessment. In addition to providing SPs we now also provide:

  • Standardized Clients in Pharmacy & Physiotherapy
  • Standardized Students in Faculty Development
  • Standardized Parties in Dispute Resolution